liam when they sang happy birthday 

Liam “The Carrot” Payne, 29/08

So let me tell you the Zayn Malik experience. When Divian and I got the chance to interview the boys, they were split in 2 groups. Zayn was really quiet. But he was sooo good lookin man. Like when he would look my way I would just like shy away cuz he was really good lookin. You don’t understand? videos and photos? Dont do this guy justice man. He isnt photogenic at all. but wen you see him in real life? Damn. Just….damn. No homo but damn…. (x)

"I’m here right now shooting a video for Tumblr. I’ve been prohibited from letting anyone know what it is. It’s coming out soon." (x)


Something is coming…


9 pictures of Michael that makes me wanna scream and cry at the same time